Hello, I’m Tim Flagg

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This website is about me and what I do. So advance warning, some trumpets might be blown. In real life, I don’t even own a trumpet, but I do have several guitars… 

Learning more about me

If you’re visiting this page then chances are you trying to find out:

Some people might just be having a nose around too, and that’s fine. You’re welcome, just know that I’m tracking you with some heavy duty cookies.

If you’re trying to get in touch with me then why not drop me a line:

tim @ timflagg (dot) com or give me a call on 07917 825 377

Or if you’d like to look at my professional profile then find me on Linkedin

Finding me on the web:

I thought it might be useful to bring together links to places that I appear on the web.

The ADBL (Academy of Digital Business Leaders)


The ClickZ Podcast

Join me and my guests in the ClickZ Digital Marketing podcast as we explore the latest trends in digital marketing.

Go Launch

Go Launch logo

Find out more about how I could help your business launch and grow through my consultancy, Go Launch.

Bright Blue

Bright Blue Logo

I’m proud to be one of the founders of Bright Blue, An independent think tank that campaigns for liberal conservatism.


Advantagious Logo Horizontal

This is a campaign that I am passionate about. Our online profiles are being sold and used without our permission. I believe advertising is broken, there is a better way.