What I do

I am a marketing consultant and entrepreneur. I specialise in accelerating business growth.

If you’d like to see which companies I have worked for and see a list of big brand names like McCann-Erickson, BBC Worldwide, Hutchison-Whampoa, Comcast, Zipcar and Floream then head over to Linkedin.
Logo stripI’ve worked with a variety of clients and partners including; Unilever, Birds Eye, Wall’s Ice Cream, Reckitt-Benckiser, Pfizer, Bacardi, Budweiser, McDonalds, Northern and Shell, OK! Magazine, Sky, Virgin, Carphone Warehouse, Airtel

Key marketing functions where I currently support business growth:

  • Brand: Developing powerful brand stories and identities
  • Content: Planning and implementing content marketing
  • Marketing strategy: Designing effective marketing strategies to
  • Campaign delivery: Managing and optimising campaigns
  • Launches: Launching new products, brands across the globe
  • Team development: Developing digitally capable marketing teams
  • Social media advertising: Producing effective social media campaigns
  • Email automation: Planning and building email campaigns
  • Marketing technology: Overseeing technical integration and development
  • Lead generation: Experienced B2B and B2C marketer

Key industries:

  • Educational technology
  • Collaborative consumption
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital transformation
  • Advertising technology
  • Financial technology
  • Television and entertainment

What I’ve done


Enterprises that I have built more recently include, a TV and Film production company (2002), a political think tank called Bright Blue (2008) and a marketing consultancy called Go Launch (2012). I’ve worked for a number of start-up businesses including Inferno Advertising, Mindshapes, INQ and most recently set up and ran IDM Online (a partnership with the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing) and am a founder director at the ADBL (Academy of Digital Business Leaders). My current venture is recording my own podcasts and sharing my marketing and business experience with the world.

Ideas excited me and I am relishing the opportunity of being able to use the 18 years of experience launching and growing businesses, to help others grow their businesses.

Key entrepreneurial skills: Resilience, humility, passion, coming up with snappy lists.


Over the last two decades I have launched new brands and products around the world. Recent launches include; A new brand of mobile phone in India, Canada, Australia and UK (INQ): An American TV station in France (E! Entertainment Television): An educational app for children (Mindshapes): A professional qualification for marketers (IDM Online).

If you asked me what makes a great launch I’d say it needs three things:

  1. Solid foundations (The science) – Focus on the importance of the marketing ‘basics’; Preparation, analysis, prioritisation and execution.
  2. Empathy with the audience (The art) – How to go from being ‘a’ brand, to being ‘the’ brand, by understanding and tapping into the collective consciousness of your audience.
  3. A clear plan (The process) – Knowing where to start, what to prioritise and how to keep going when everything changes.