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Webinars are a powerful way to build a relationship with your list of prospects and move them towards purchase. They allow you to amplify your team’s knowledge and experience to establish them as thought leaders in the industry. Create valuable content and your network will share it, helping you broaden your reach amongst your target audience.

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I’m an experienced webinar host and business leader. If you’re thinking of running a webinar I can help you with everything from the technical set up to hosting the webinar on the day. I offer a complete and fully flexible webinar service for all industries and all budgets, working in collaboration with your marketing team.

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Planning and running a webinar

I can support and compliment your existing team and resources in these key areas:

1) Content Strategy

  • Establish the overall content strategy for your business. Understand your target audience and what content will help you reach them most effectively.

2) Technical Set-up

  • Provide professional quality lights, cameras and microphones to create the perfect recording environment in your offices. Management of the online platform (Google, Gotowebinar, On24, Adobe Connect) to broadcast and record your webinar.

3) Webinar Content

  • Guidance on developing a theme and title, and on the best practice to promote this event, including scripting landing pages and creating copy for emails and social media. Advice on how to structure the content that you’ll be presenting in the webinar including; Slides, surveys and videos.

4) Delivery

  • Hosting the event including briefing your participants ahead of the webinar, welcoming them and your guests and then chairing the entire webinar including any question and answer session.

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Tim Flagg: 07917 825 377

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Some of the webinars that I’ve recently hosted

Marketing webinar with Sarah Speak and Linus Gregoriadis
Marketing leaders webinar (ADBL)
Marketing webinar with James Luscombe, Louis Warner and Phil Hullah
Marketing Leaders webinar (ADBL)
Webinar with L&D leaders
L&D Leaders webinar (ADBL)
Webinar with digital leaders; Mike Curry, Ben Rowland, Tom Bryant
Digital Business Leaders webinar (ADBL)

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